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    • Jessica Blanchard

      Holocaust, my new interest...I will be on the hunt for descriptive and graphic books about world war II accounts.

    • Lydia Parker

      Jewish Deportation: Two Jewish women captured during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (April-May 1943) are escorted by German soldiers to the assembly point for deportation.

    • Ashley Atwood

      Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943: Nazis systematically burned and blew up the ghetto, block by block. The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe.

    • Tassos S

      Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April–May 1943. Among the SS units involved was the SS Panzer Gren. Training and Reserve Battalion III Warsaw of the 3rd SS Division. The photo is found in the Stroop Report of how the uprising was suppressed. SS General Stroop was in charge of the Warsaw operation and was hanged after the war for this and other war crimes.

    • anabel sánchez

      German soldiers lead Jews captured during the Warsaw ghetto uprising to the assembly point for deportation. Poland, May 1943.

    • Abby

      Members of the Jewish resistance captured by SS troops during the suppression of the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

    • Diane Straley

      on the way to the deportation siteWarsaw Ghetto Uprising

    • Kat A

      Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    • Robin Wells

      Warsaw, WWII

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    Jozef and Wiktoria Ulma, a Polish husband and wife, living in Markowa during the Nazi German occupation in World War II, were the Righteous who attempted to rescue Polish Jewish families by hiding them in their own home during the Holocaust. They and their six children (Wiktoria was also 9 month pregnant at the time) were summarily executed for doing so, along with the Jews they were hiding. Jozef was skilled photographer, he left many photographs of his family, some of them survived the war.

    Slave Workers are liberated from a nazi concentration camp.

    Warsaw ghetto, 1943.

    Over one million children under the age of sixteen died in the Holocaust -

    Women's barracks in Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp in Poland

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    The History Place - Holocaust Timeline: Waffen SS Attack Jewish Resistance in Warsaw - all sent to Treblinka to be gassed

    The Holocaust’s Most Vicious Killers During the Holocaust, one group of killers stood out as more vicious, murderous, and bloodthirsty than all others. The Ustasha of Yugoslavia was a Muslim-Catholic alliance of Nazi killers so beastly that even Nazi officials in Berlin were horrified.

    Holocaust survivors arrive in Israel.

    Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943

    Soon after liberation, surviving children of the Auschwitz camp walk out of the children's barracks. Poland, after January 27, 1945. — US Holocaust Memorial Museum

    Miep Gies, the woman who hid Ann Frank and her family for 2 years.

    Prisoner of war: German soldier surrending to US Paratrooper, WWII

    Auschwitz, Poland, 1943, An inmate who committed suicide on the electrified fence.

    Remembering the Holocaust

    "Auschwitz-Birkenau, then and now" (via BBC) The juxtaposition of images is chilling

    Auschwitz, Poland, 1945, Children After Their Liberation by the Red Army

    Warsaw, Poland, A starving child in a ghetto street, 1941. One of the photographs taken by the German photographer Willi George over the course of a single day in the summer of 1941. The photographs are unique in that they were not staged, but showed the ghetto as it truly was.

    Jewish children on the streets of Poland’s Warsaw Ghetto during World War II