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  • Natalie Baptista Garcia

    Colorful Pens for Colorful Words! What a great Writer's Workshop Idea! Great idea to show use of vocabulary words... highlighted!

  • Debbie Thompson

    Writing Center Idea for our color words study

  • Laurie Norris

    Cute idea for writing. Have the kids grab a colorful pen when they use a colorful word.

  • Kelly Luedeke

    Colorful Pens for Colorful Words <3 it! This site has other great writing ideas, too.

  • Holly

    Colorful pens for colorful words Writing center

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Love the idea of putting examples of different types of writing. Must find space for a writing center.

This is just a fun idea for students to start to learn how to use proper grammar. This adjectives in wonderland is a story which requires the students to pick out the stories wrong use of grammar! Perfect fun activity to learn how to use proper grammar.4.LS.1 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

The Writing Process - black and white version for printing available too (on Flickr - download large version)

Writing Center Starter Pack--- Everything you need to set up a successful Writing Center Pre-K-1st

Teach all about descriptive writing with what students love to write about most, themselves. This movie poster will incorporate descriptions throu...

"I bought 10 cent yellow lense free glasses and have the first graders wear them as I read the mini posters. They go to writer's work shop wearing the glasses...I tell them the glasses are magic and will help them write better...they love to play and imagine being great authors...Thanks to the creator of Sailing Through First Grade...She is amazing!"

I love this! I want all my students to know that they are writers! Andddd that writing doesn't have to be boring.

Station with "dice" made out of tissue boxes. Each side has a sentence with punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors. Students rewrite the sentence with no errors! Awesome way to spice up grammar and word work!

I like the "Writers in the Spotlight" setup for displaying exceptional writing!

What Do Writers Write? i like writing all these things, good stuff to teach my daughter when she gets older