Grape caterpillars on skewer with frosting and chocolate chip eyes! Adorable!

It is so easy to make such a cute food porcupine

neat idea

FOOD FOR FUN PINEAPPLE CENTERPIECE BUFFET DECOR HEALTHY +++ Piña divertida humor centro de mesa decoracion buffet celebracion fiesta verano playa exotica

Watermelon Easter Bunny

Time to Make This Funny Fruit Hedgehog! Grapes + Pears + 1 Olive + Toothpicks = Hedgehog

Make your own watermelon turtle! Kids will love it. Perfect for a mermaid or pirates party. Check out our other kids birthday party ideas too: http://www.under5s.co.nz/results.html?q=birthday+parties&ppp=1000

Creative healthy eating

Impressive party snack

Watermelon on Popsicle sticks (Once Upon My Life: Country Picnic Party)

Watermelon Shark/ 25 kid party ideas

Fun food

clever way to serve watermelon



watermelon cake