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photo .... purple water lilies ... luv the pattern the flowers and leave make ... design idea ...

Water Lillies... my next tattoo.. for my July baby! ♥

water lilies..someday I would love to have a Zen garden with these beautiful plants in several pools!

water lillies at the dock where we swim maggie on vacation

We have a neighbor, who has a beautiful Koi pond. With his aerator, the fish are able to stay in the water year round. I want one! AND... a green house!!

Well...hello! I can't believe I found this online. I have this same picture cut out from our newspaper - dated June 1, 2001. "Unusual Friendship" "Three years of daily meetings have fanned an apparent friendship between Chino, a 9-year-old golden retriever, and his favorite fish, Falstaff. The pair live at the Medford, Oregon, home of Dan and Mary Health."

Water Lillies - Love seeing these up close when I'm out on my raft.

Did a similar painting on a parcel before I sent it...these koi look real! Mine weren't half as nice, but was inspired and went with it! {ts}