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In this article we showcase the most innovative, unique, memorable, and creative packaging design ideas from all over the world. With a creative and appealing package design, you can make your products and services stand out among the rest. Design is.

Norwegian Christmas beer,  nice design

80+ Effective Minimalist Packaging Designs

Just for the bottles"Norsk Ol" Brand Norwegian Beer Bottle Gnomes! Amazing packaging design by Ryanna Christianson.

Yes, frist the bed with a ladder to the desk and a walk in closet space is awesome, IWANT! and second below that, all I could think of was, Slytherin

Shut up and take my money<- i loved the room had a closet under the bed!

damn cool wallet :)

Hard Graft Smoke Bill Folder

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „pakuotės“

15 seriously clever package designs that aren’t what they seem

Coca-cola glass concept

Soda Cups Here's a pretty fun optical illusion. It's a cup that looks like a bottle. Or maybe it's pregnant with a bottle? Fool your friends into believing that you're drinking out of a real live glass bottle! You must have some pretty gullible friends.

Creative Packaging. See-through Box/Tin General creative ideas to get inspiration from, none specifically linked to final concept or idea. Just a starting point.

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27 Genius New Products You Had No Idea Existed (via BuzzFeed)

27 Genius New Products You Had No Idea Existed

Pacman Packaging by Craig Sutton... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

Pacman Packaging (Student Project) by Craig Sutton. - a grouped images picture