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5 Things to Know About a Geothermal Heat Pump A geothermal heat pump can save money on energy but costs a lot to install

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Go Geothermal Planning to stay in your house for 10 or more years? Install a geothermal system. It harnesses the earth's natural thermal energy via buried pipes filled with a liquid similar to antifreeze. During the summer, it pulls out warm air and dissipates it through the pipes. During the winter, it works in reverse, bringing the earth's warmth to your house. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems save homeowners 20-50 percent in cooling costs and 30-70

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we love ours, closed loop and an unexpected perk is that the winter indoor air in our house improved (nicer on our skin and chests) over the propane furnace regrets.

We are looking into geothermal energy for our home and new addition. This post includes several resources that I came across while conducting the research.