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  • Whitney Bacon

    Math - We actually did this in Math. Except we had the students cut the pieces and put them on top of each other to stress equivalent fractions. Teaching with fraction strips I actually learned this in my Math Methods class!

  • Erin Paret

    Great math visual for learning fractions! @Jess Ica for school

  • Andrea Papegaay

    fractions... Good visual for kids learning math

  • Megan McDonough

    Teaching fractions... Could work with music notes too!!!

  • Carey Lohrenz

    Teaching fractions #Kids #Education #Math So simple!!!

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Love this concept. I still use it to this day when I get a bit confused. Also, the numbers are inverse of themselves. 2x9= 18 9x9=81 Once you get to 45 and 54, you go backwards in reverse from there. I know, confusing, but it can help.

I really like this idea: we're all the same on the inside! True, it can miss the point for those who can't get enthusiastic about eggs.....

Great Explanation of Fractions. Makes it easier for people of all ages to learn!

FREE Equivalent Fractions activity (Pizza Fraction Fun). Great homework practice after class makes their own fraction strips- Lora Ashley

Would be great visual--- just add area values as well.

Great trick for teaching children how to remember the positioning for lower case b and d

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Cups, & Gallons

WE JUST WENT OVER GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS IN LANG/LIT and I didn't even think of this! Perfect for teaching now values!

Fractions Bookmarks... good idea! I'll try to get more 'bang for the buck' by including the decimal and/or money equivalent.

Pinner writes, "Love this. If I had seen this when I was a kid I would have actually understood place value."

Measurement - Metric Prefixes. The student could make these and then use them when working on word problems or other activities that would go along with the unit.

Ways to compare fractions... 4. NF. 2 Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering