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Exposure Lock (AE-L Button) is the abbreviation stands for Automatic Exposure Lock. It is useful using automatic and semi-automatic shooting modes.

Photography Cheat Sheet

Another pinner says:I paid for a class about this stuff and forgot everything. This is probably the most easy to understand dslr camera tutorial I've read.

Use this simple photoshop tip to take an ordinary photo and turn it into a dramatic edit that will help tell your vision and story.

How to get this photo: Turn off all lights except for the Christmas tree, f-stop 1.4, ISO 160, SS 1/15.

ISO settings

Free Printable: Sunlight and Backlight Cheat Sheet!

Posing tips on this website are clear and concise.

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must remember to do this!

Must remember. Pinner said: To get these pics I cranked the ISO as high as it would go (1600), set the aperture at f 2.8, and shutter speed at 1/30. I propped the camera on a bar stool to make sure I didn't get any blur from movement (since I don't have a tripod).

One camera setting that can have a big impact on your pictures

Love this idea for Christmas photo of the kids

How to Take Photos of Your Kids in Front of the Christmas Tree » Scissortail SILK Great advice: practice with a stuffed animal first!

A Beginner's Guide to Flash Photography via I Heart Faces

An "Eye-Popping" Photoshop Tutorial

How to Take Photos of Kids in Front of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Photo

Too cute! who knows, it might happen again. first to turn things around Family Christmas Pictures & Baby Announcement