• Heath Twitchell

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  • Sahar S

    one of the most inspirational books i've read, and will continue to read throughout my life.

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A poignant children's book that is a young girl's letter to a friend recounting her trip South in the pre-Civil War days. This was one of the first books that really moved me as a child and marked the beginning of my interest in African-American history and civil rights.

A great introduction to the world of Roald Dahl for preschoolers; features the amazing illustrations of Quentin Blake.

I am constantly amazed at how writers find new ways to tell a story. The Book Thief is set during WWII, with Death as the narrator.

The simplicity of some books allows for everyone to make the story their own. "Sometimes, there's just no way to hold back the river."

A story of growth, change and redemption. Read the book to know the man.

David Sedaris is by far my favorite humorist. Perhaps it's his being raised in a large family that creates the connection? It's not the gay man thing...

Konigsburg won her second Newberry Medal for this book; well-deserved. A beautiful story about friendship between an unlikely group.

Great book for kids that highlights why it's fun to be ourselves.

Friedman never disappoints. This one in particular will make you more aware of your world and your impact upon it.

Fitzgerald's short stories are his best work, particularly this collection.

My sister swooped on the Nancy Drew, so I defaulted to the scrappier Trixie Belden. I'll always be happy with the choice and am thrilled when I stumble upon a hardback edition.

For the economist you didn't know was in you.

Make your kids happy; buy this and read them together.

Zinn for the win! A book everyone should read, sooner rather than later.