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Here's a story about a man named Brady

1970 TV Shows The Brady Bunch ( I still love watching these w/ our daughter).

I Love Lucy Complete 1st Season up for bids on Listia!

I Love Lucy debuts on CBS The groundbreaking show is produced on film, instead of being broadcast live. The show also makes Lucille Ball the world's first major female television star. The show stars Lucille Ball with her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz

Castle  - Love the TV series and the books by "Richard Castle".  Doesn't hurt to have Nathan Fillion to look at either...

Castle - Love the TV series & Stana Katic. Not so much Nathan Fillion after I found out how he treated Stana during filming.

True Blood - life sucks true-blood

Not for the faint of heart or the kiddies! I can't do the week to week thing for many shows so I'm watching the full seasons on dvd's.

Possibility is Everything - Fringe - Season 1 Poster - Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham

Fringe - It's what X-Files would have been if they only did black oil episodes.

Fringe Season 5 Poster. Sooooo happy this didn't get cancelled!

Fringe Season 5 Teaser Poster "They Are Coming" Series farewell.


Congrats to 90210 for getting picked up for the season (courtesy of The CW)