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"Brave women have fought for women's equality since 1848. Our right to vote wasn't even won until 1920, and there is so much more. The history of women's rights is long and rich with brave women and important gains. There is still a very long way to go before women are truly equal in this country. Sadly, the 'fight' is far from over."

#feminism. Of course a woman has the right to be in control of her own body. It should go without saying right? Unfortunately we live in a world which degrades, discriminates and objectify women, and it has to stop.

Women's History Month - Thanks to and for sharing

#YesAllWomen //Yes, yes, yes!! Women are not to be held responsible for the actions and impulses of men. Men must learn to be responsible for their thoughts and actions.

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I am one, both of my sisters are strong women my mom my grandma so on, I come from a long line of them

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Hillary Clinton Nails It In One Sentence

There are still glass ceilings to break. Anything less than full equality is simply unacceptable.

Some people can't handle confrontation - but say what you have to say anyways so you can never be accused of not saying what needed to be said.

A feminist will stand up for those who won't stand up for themselves. In order for women to have equal rights, we need to also combat sexism, racism, patriarchy, and gain equal rights for LBGTQ.

Fundamental Art Print by Sophiedoodle Men live much easier than women. They get paid more, their bodies are not over-sexualized, they have more human rights, they have the right to education. This is why feminism is important because women need to be on an equal pedestal than men.

And men shouldn't be intimidated because it's not about taking men's rights away, it's about making sure women have the same rights and equality in society. It's not about making women superior to men.

THAT'S JUST PLAIN MESSED UP!!! RAPIST RIGHTS!!!... So You Get Raped & Then You Have To RELIVE It For THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?!?!?... WOW! OK That Should Help Some Confused Women Who Are Leaning Towards Outlawing Abortion!!! HELLO!?!! If Thats Not A Strong Argument To Keep Abortion LEGAL!! Let's Have Some (Raped) Women's Rights!!!

Historical- Women's rights: 1 I am a feminist, so the women who spoke up for my rights are my idols. When I say feminists, I don't mean 'I hate men, women are superior.' because that is just lack of actual knowledge to me, when I say feminists, I mean men and women are not better then each other and people should realize we each have things we are better at.

There is not even any convincing evidence that the Jesus of the bible lived, let alone that he performed miracles.

Bills regulating women's bodies in 2013: 624 Bills regulating men's bodies since the dawn of time: 0