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A few misplaced commas can change everything. Come be amazed at the power of punctuation to alter meaning and outrage your reader!

There’s something about grammar…

Facebook never gets old…lol!!!

LOTR + Dune + a punctuation joke = LOVE

Online grammar is very important. Your grammar is what people use to see what type of persom you are. Anybody searching for a job should be using proffesional language and no slang. Easy know words like the 3 theres are a very common mistake made anywhere.

Why grammar matters every day! Also, it doesn't hurt to know a little algebra to remember some of the basic rules :)

Even google judges people on their spelling! It's YOU, not U! Just two more letters!!! Are you that damn lazy?

Kinda want to put this in my classroom. What do all y'all think?

So, so many times I resist correcting grammar on Facebook. Good thing I'm a teacher and get paid to do it in real life instead. :)

Love this...always trying to teach my students the difference!

Did this comma just become a choice recently - makes me crazy!