This edible vegetable garden uses colorful trellises to add order and drama.

Obelisk Trellis, DIY Trellis, Wood Trellis, Bean Trellis, Cucumber Trellis

The best tasting fruits and vegetables are homegrown. Check out some great ideas for starting a garden of your own at

Get Your Garden Off the Ground (And Into the Air): Gardening vertically can actually increase your vegetable production and offer you a bigger bounty. All that air circulation and sunlight helps maintain healthy foliage and healthy plants (with little or no pests and disease) offer bigger yields — even if it is in a smaller space.

Excellent trellis in this raised bed. -What a great idea. I have some fencing that would work perfectly.

Trellis Gardening, Direct Sun Plants on Outside, Shaded Plants on the Inside

potager, kitchen garden, raised beds, gravel paths, and an arched trellis connecting the center raised beds. the arbor would be fabulous for beans or cucumbers! from Flower Garden Girl blog~

Another herb garden idea.

Best Roses for a Trellis

Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)

The beauty of a veggie garden.

beautiful color

Maybe not the front yard but I'm loving the symmetry of this. I wonder if the gravel bed would really keep weeds down? Front Yard Vegetable Garden Seattle | Pallet Potting Bench PEACH TOMATO AND MOZZARELLA CROSTINI

make a canopy tunnel with posts and wire fencing plus many climbers. Does not have to be straight, could curve and guide from one garden area to another. Potentially v. mysterious and romantic. Am thinking add some winter scented shrubs and tie them to the structure as they grow, to really make it earn it's keep.

Twine trellis for cucumbers or beans

DIY raised bed trellis. Learn how to make one at

Heucheras, the "new hostas" for shady spots

Neaten up your soaker hoses - use quick releases for easy winter pickup

my raised garden beds with trellises