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Miss America 1924 Society's standards of "what is deemed beautiful" may have changed, but your standards should not. Don't fall victim to the day; stay beautiful.


"Every time a couple gets married, two single people die." Parks and Rec

I need to find a man who will do that for me!! Since I have actually spent 6 hours on the couch crocheting while watching a movie, your thumbs hurt! ha


Tip Toe Forward Fold by MIke Pace #Illustration #Anatomy #Mike_Pace

andy goldsworthy art

Curtain of Cows & Cowboys by woolly fabulous: Spotted at the 'W' Hotel in Dallas! #Hanging_Curtain #Figurines

MRI of a Cucumber by insideinsidesL: Click through for the GIF! #Cucumber #MRI

a troubled existence



omg i love her



zin lim

Is it humid today?

Is it humid today

Andre Aggasi jean shorts

My heart will go on


Ciara totally pulling off harem pants


Studio Legohead Jubilee Series Custom Pet Portraits. "In honour of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee" - Jo Chambers

Star Trek TOS1 Episode 5 'The Enemy Within', wherein Kirk is split into 'good kirk' and 'evil kirk' by a transporter accident. The unicorndog is used to demonstrate the transporter accident by being split into a well behaved but timid dog and a mean bitey dog.