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  • Ruth

    Adam Beach. Use to have a little crush on him back when he was in Smoke signals. looked real good with long hair then he cut it :'C

  • crystal

    Hot Native American Indian Men |

  • Alex A. Akira

    Adam Beach, Native American, actor

  • Leslie McLean

    Adam Beach - Damn, Native American men are so fine!

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Tom Hiddleston On What Love Is… They Don’t Make Men Like That Anymore.

The most beautiful Tom Hiddleston gif in all existence.

Every time he dances. | 29 Times Tom Hiddleston Was Your Perfect Boyfriend


Almanzo Wilder (but Laura just called him "Manly")

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Tom Hiddleston reads Shakespeare's Sonnet 18. Tom, we've talked about this. Please stop being so charming. Just stop.

The most delightful photobomb. oh my gosh I love this so much!! this is so my dog:)

"No date or information on this photograph but I think "handsome to the core" pretty much covers it."

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William Butler Yeats - When You Are Old - read by Colin Farrell... An irish poem in an Irish accent!!!

Tom Hiddleston

Mark Ruffalo

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Apolo Anton Ohno. Good lord, man


JD McPherson and Jimmy Sutton have the most excellent hair in rock n' roll. (And the music is flippin' awesome too!)

Jimmy Sutton, bass player extraordinaire. Just about the foxiest fox that ever foxed, I tell you what.

Bobak Ferdowsi, a.k.a Sexy NASA Mohawk Guy. WOW

Patrick Fugit