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  • Niamh *

    'A Young Cattleman' Cattle with enormous horns follow the lead of a small Dinka boy, a striking visual reminder of the surprising relationship humans have developed with these mighty animals. South Sudan Photos by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher

  • Laura Williams

    Johannesburg. south africa Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

  • Liza Reddin Vance

    Holy cow! :) Dinka of Southern Sudan by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

  • Tonie Gomez

    Cows. Photo By Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith, National Geographic.

  • S.V.M. Enari-Potter

    "Ankole-Watusi" or Egyptian Longhorn, native to Africa. © Beckwith/Fisher (Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith). Original in colour. S)

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