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key-to-my-heart door decoration with old door lock - Yard Art Ideas | Kathi's Garden Art Rust-n-Stuff


From Siam to Anatevka, Broadway Cheered on Grease: Live; Plus, Disney FaceTiming & More in Our Photo Roundup

Lin-Manuel Miranda

In Japan, the dragonfly represents victory in battle, as well as success, happiness, and courage. Some Native American tribes thought the dragonfly was the embodiment of the souls of their dead. The Navaho believed that the dragonfly was associated with water purity, which must have grown from the fact that dragonflies prefer to swarm over clean water.

DIY garden art - Old baking pan, 2 jars lids, 2 smaller lids, held with bolt and nuts.. :) nice recycle project.

Piano Stairs at Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Nashville

Polymer and Mosaics - geometric shapes with pattern texture - this could work with a limited color pallet - also need to control thickness - it would be great if they could each make their own pattern stamp (bottom of shoe possibility)

"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?" Ham4Pamphlet (if you need me, I'm in the other room crying)