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How to hack life

OPTIMIZE ORGANIZATION- When is the best time to buy stuff? Best deals per month. 1000 Life Hacks.

I'm always confused about what to buy and when. This sales cycle list breaks it down in an easy-to-read format, something I'll be pinning AND bookmarking!

10 useful blogging websites

how to write a blog business plan.

12 Things to tell our daughters (and sons!) before 13!

Jesse Parent - "To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter"

Students are the most common users of nootropics because these supplements are so effective as study aids. Cognitive Enhancement is possible! gives you mental clarity,focus and much more. You want to be the most energetic person at your office. Have the focus and energy to get your work out of the way to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle. #burnfat #energy #memory #Suppressant #antioxidants #adderal #herbal #study #test #nootropics #guarana #addieup #sleep #supplements #anxiety

eat right

Sleep cycles & a calculator that tells you the best times to fall asleep depending on what time you need to wake up in the morning.

Spray the top of guacamole with cooking spray and place in fridge. Next day it will still be green. good to know!

This is a great post on the 100 most useful websites on the internet.

For painting on ceilings or other high places to prevent drips. Brilliant. #tips #painting

10 Healing Herbs

All the different ways to use Hydrogen Peroxide, these blew my mind!

Baking soda as crayon eraser. sprinkle it on a damp sponge to erase crayon, pencil, and ink from painted surfaces. Must remember this.

A MUST READ TO BELIEVE: So many uses for Magic Erasers - even ones you never knew about! Seriously, I didn't even finish reading the list...there are a TON of uses!

submerge wet nails in cold water for 3 minutes. The polish will dry completely, and it gets rid of any that got onto your skin! This is life-changing

"22 chores toddlers love" - these could also be good ways to include a child with a disability. A child of ANY age or ability level can contribute to the household!

40 secret iPhone features and shortcuts. I've only read through half and I already feel like I have a new phone!

pool noodle under fitted sheet: solution to keep a toddler in the toddler bed! What a great idea to take with you when you go out of town!


blue dawn dish liquid does some amazing Bubbles; removes hair product build up; MANICURE SECRET; Repel Houseplant insects; CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS;Use it to bathe the dogs. It kills fleas on contact and is much cheaper than expensive dog shampoos. Ice pack; repel ants; UNCLOG TOILETS; Keep poision ivy from spreading; Shower floor cleaner and more....

Natural Hair Growth Enhancers

diy....home management binder based on dave ramsey's spending categories. Pin now read later...I'm sure it will be useful!