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    • Agnieszka Phan

      U.S. State Stereotypes Map.

    • Amy Amari

      Lived for a month in Life of the Party, a few years in both Fried Chicken and Historical Landmarks, almost moved to Drunk Lake People, and have spent most of my life in Horses, etc. Lol that was fun to write!

    • Rose Manry

      I moved from hot and drunk to fashion bloggers, but now I live in fried chicken and it's disturbingly close to dive bars and serial killers.

    • Selah Walker

      United States Stereotype Map. I'm from Rainy, but now I live in Life Of The Party.

    • Misty Demory

      I love the "Fried Chicken," resent the "Obesity Epidemic" (though are those things related?), and as a current Californian, disagree with the "Life of the Party." (Those "Rainy Hipsters" trickle way further down than non-Calis think.)

    • Ashley Dawson

      This is a funny map. Born in Cows, lived in Republicans, Cowboys, and Rainy Hipsters, and live in Dive Bars and Serial Killers. Yikes!

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