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Black swallowtail caterpillar...he loves the dill in my garden. I've heard they also like milkweed & parsley.

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS FOR MILKWEED SEEDS (for Monarchs) - Warning: one caterpillar will eat 20+ large leaves so make sure you have enough plants to support the number of caterpillars you have, or they will starve.

I need your help. Plant Milkweed everywhere! Send a self addressed, stamped envelope for Butterfly Seeds appropriate for your area to: Suggested Contribution $3 or more. Check payable to "Live Monarch" Live Monarch - Seed Campaign 3003-C8 Yamato Road #1015 Boca Raton, Florida 33434

FREE milkweed seeds to start a butterfly garden and help provide a habitat for monarch butterflies. Also get Lifecycle Story of a Monarch Butterfly for FREE!

How to Attract Monarch Butterflies: Gardener's Supply Bring Back the Monarchs - this is serious. We all need to help our butterflies and pollinators to survive. Please follow the link and read the article. Thank you!

I absolutely LOVE Milkweeds! If you live in California, this is a "must" native for your garden! Attracts bees, beneficial insects, hummingbirds and best of all lots and lots of butterflies, since this is an essential food source for them! Perennial (comes back each year) and drought tolerant!