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  • Taylor Kitchen

    If you still look cute at the end of your workout you didn't train hard enough! True story!!

  • Carrie Webb

    This is so true and funny! I see girls at the gym and their hair looks fixed and just as good after they have worked out! Obviously they haven't worked hard enough to break a sweat!

  • Taylor Bellard

    Also if you have your hair down when working out.. YOU DIDNT TRAIN HARD ENOUGH.

  • Freddie's Nutrition

    Train Hard. Train Often! #Motivational #Quotes

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This is a good work out. I did it 3x with different and various exercises, for instance: for crunches i did a pilates move (10x) along with other ab workouts (I don't know their names), 10 lunges on each leg when it came to squats (along with squats), 30 high knees, 10 burpees, and so on.

Home workout [Note to self: add 1 min plank to rotation and instead of burpees do mountain climbers and/or spiderman crawls). Ive done this workout a few times on days where life gets hectic and its hard to schedule in the gym. No excuses. Even if the day is hectic at least do this exercise at home

An imperfect workout done today is better than a perfect workout delayed indefinitely

which is why people look at you like you're green when you say the words "run an easy 3".

Connie Hamon Mathers really needs this hanging in her cubicle...and home...and car...actually, just make it a necklace and wear it every day!

I can't stand the girls at the gym with makeup and their hair all done... really!

I want to be skinny and strong again.

sugar is an addictive substance just like cocaine. Once you detox yourself from it, your body stops craving it.

5-4-3-2-1 workout for those days that it's impossible to put in a regular work out due to the kiddos