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  • Sophia Henson

    Using spelling words to find area perimeter. I cant wait to add it as an option for our Word Work during Daily 5 rotations! The kids will love this :)

  • Holly Lail

    Strategy: Word Perimeter Subject: Geometry Process: Connections Common Core: 3.MD.8 Solve real world and mathematical problems involving perimeters of polygons Need: representational practice Goal: procedural practice Materials: graph paper Summary: Students write words (spelling, vocabulary, name, etc) on graph paper, box it in, and determine area and perimeter

  • Chelsea Hennessee

    using spelling words to find area + perimeter. Try this with math vocabulary words?

  • Rebecca Hinkle

    Area and Perimeter Spelling Words

  • Andrea Mondella

    Find area and perimeter of spelling words. What a clever way to integrate math and ELA!

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Spelling word practice. If we used a board like this, it would save us from having to photocopy those packets every week. We'd be able to do just a front & back page for vocab list and spelling list instead.(And plus, these activities are way more fun than the current ones we assign.)

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