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Neil Armstrong 1930 2012 in Typography

Image & Type: Here is a Visual graphic Artwork Composition Poster Mixer cover Design. I admire how the designer decided to use a simple typeface. It allows the image and text speak for itself since it is a such a historic quote.

Bright colors, sleek design! Love all of the elements used.

loooove this orange/pink/yellow fade - that's exactly what I mean by bright! Love those exact colors.

Book Spread Grid Layout Design Graphic Typography Photography Diagonal

Book Spread Grid Layout Design Graphic Typography Photography Diagonal For thinner, regular or larger magazine size

Cover design. Zippertravel.

+beautiful layout and minimalistic use of type- love how simple it is + 123 / layout graphic design font typography poster text/graphics

Full Stop. Puntuación:  importante tomarlo en serio para una comunicación efectiva libre de ambigüedades...

Full Stop. A special publication about the importance of punctuation. Bold in both content and typography, Full Stop attempts to navigate through this usually boring topic by adopting a humorous, snarky, and slightly irreverent tone of voice.

Slash/ by Arnaud Mercier

Stunning Magazine Covers

slash/ - Arnaud Mercier — Retrospective > Minimal graphic poster design with photography

interesting layout. probably too modular...but there's something in the dissection that I like...

this is a great example of a sharp and modern layout. interestingly they also use the colour red in their design, and this really makes the image look sharp and passionate. So in order to convey the message of passion, the colour red is vital layout art

This spread is very neat. The large "V" eliminates the threat of black and white text. This page letter also succeeds in framing the picture. It gives the picture a good shape to keep inside of. It is very interesting to look at and has possibilities to add a secondary or more,less important pictures.

Magazine spread layout design using huge type to bring line to the layout and separate the photo from the editorial.

Amazing Magazine Layout Design Idea (60)

145 Awesome Magazine Layout Designs

Details Magazine Layout b photograph, low opacity color block behind title I like it because the picture is the main focus. Also, I like the contrast between the black and white and red