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vacation is golden!


Always on the pillow.

This is how you score a cookie ;-)

Happy 4th Birthday, Bentley! (Sandy Lindsay)


Golden puppy

Holy Moly! My boy is right around 68 pounds he's not nearly this big! I adore the completely unimpressed look on the basset's face! LOL!

ahoy matey!

momma needs a break


Silly me, I have been putting flowers in my planters. This is a much better option.

Got milk? awwwwwwww....!!!!!


Happy 7th Birthday Brie June 9th 2014

OMG precious!

golden retriever puppy

If you're happy and you know it SMILE :)

Oh my goodness

sweet Irish Setter puppy, this one has a very pretty head and expression.

How I love these dogs!! I have a 12 year old and a 6 year old! The most loving! Irish Setter

Beautiful Irish Setter.

ohhhh! basket of puppies! Oh, I love these sweet babies