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    Strawberries- 50 plants in 3 sq ft in a strawberry pyramid- I'm thinking...plant borage on first and top levels and care free growing!

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    Grow Herbs, Veggies or Ornamental Flowers with Triolife Plant Pyramid

    DIY Strawberry Towers

    Grow strawberries in gutters. This is brilliant! Keeps the berries off the ground and away from bunnies and neighborhood children!

    Great way to grow strawberries!

    Strawberry/planting pyramid planters

    How to grow a pineapple tree! I have done this, it is a wonderful plant.

    ***This would be perfect. Measuring 8 feet by 8 feet, this garden provides 45 square feet of planting space, perfect for a family of four.

    Make a 50/50 combination of flour and baking soda, and dust it all over whichever plants the cabbage worms are eating. They'll eat the combo while munching the leaves, and die within a day or so. Repeat as necessary..

    How to build pyramid strawberry

    How to make this lovely and practical strawberry planter out of a single pallet. Probably the best pallet planter tutorial out there

    Mason bees don't sting, don't swarm, and don't make honey. But they *do* pollinate plants way better than regular bees. Put up a mason bee house, order some bees, and enjoy your harvest.

    Very smart! Rinse veggies right in the garden and then re-use the water on the plants. Plastic bucket and small laundry basket/colander from Dollar Tree would do nicely. | protractedgarden

    Plant Grow Lights with Two Shelves | Gardener's Supply

    Five Ways to Grow Edibles Vertically Growing salads, fruits and herbs vertically not only allows urban dwellers to grow food in small spaces, but follows the permaculture principles of stacking, using renewable resources and making the most of the edge.

    Pyramid plant support for pumpkins and other sprawling fruit. This will keep vines off the wet ground

    Strawberry tower from stacked pots

    Cinder blocks instead of wood raised beds. Plus you could plant herbs or strawberries in the cinderblocks themselves!

    Growing Strawberries In A Gutter This is a cute idea for the inside of a low fence.... to bad I don't have one.

    Strawberry Pyramid. Each hole in the concrete block will hold more than enough soil for a strawberry plant. If you just make a border of blocks and don't terrace out the center, fill it with soil to plant some herbs or veggies.

    Instructions for making a strawberry planter tree - an ideal container for growing strawberries vertically!