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Pandemic Preparedness – DIY Sanitization

If there is ever a pandemic, preparation for quarantine & sanitation is extremely important in order to keep everyone healthy. This article talks about killing germs & how to do it safely with household products (household vinegar, hydrogen peroxide,.

Pandemic Preparedness Tips for Staying Safe

Pandemic Preparedness Tips to Keep You Safe. If there is ever a pandemic, you need to make sure to know what to do

30 Pandemic Essentials | Food Storage Moms | #prepbloggers #pandemic

Below is a list of 30 Pandemic Essentials to start with that I feel we need in our emergency buckets, boxes or containers. Here& the deal.we all keep hearing about the different strains of FLU…

How to Safely Shelter in Place During a Pandemic | Emergency preparedness tips at survivallife.com #emergencypreparedness #disasterpreparedness #survival

How to Stay Safe in a Pandemic

In recent weeks, we have all been bombarded with mainstream news reports about the Ebola virus. Most of those reports indicate that we have nothing to wor

Hand Sanitizing Gel  DIY 5 cups 91% Isopropyl Alcohol 2 cups 100% pure Aloe Gel Start by measuring out your Aloe into a mixing bowl. Add in your alcohol Mix at high speed Mix for several minutes, the solution will begin to gel The aeration of the mixture is extremely important to getting the consistency correct.  You should see bubbles all throughout the mixture. It's thicker than water, but not extremely thick. Once the mixture gels and is a constant consistency, pour it into containers.

Do-It-Yourself home-made hand sanitizing gel is as cups Isopropyl Alcohol 2 cups pure Aloe Gel. Results in alcohol concentration of approx Can add essential oils if desired for scent. To be effective hand sanitiziers must contain minimum of alcohol.

7 Paper Products We All Need To Store For Survival

7 Paper Products We All Need To Store For Survival

Survival Guide, Survival Skills, Survival Hacks, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Supplies, Store, Zombies Survival, 72 Hours, We

30 Pandemic Essentials Everyone Needs Today

30 Pandemic Essentials Everyone Needs Today

Survival Hacks, Survival Food, Survival Skills, Survival Guide, Homestead Survival, Emergency Supplies, Emergency Kits, Emergency Food, Emergency Preparedness


In an emergency, a crayon will burn for 30 minutes. Good to know. We have TONS of crayons so we should have enough light to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Emergency clothes washing kit - stores in the bucket you would use for washing.

DIY laundry-Made with a bucket (& lid) and a new toilet plunger. Hang clothes on a rope to dry. I love that they had to say new toilet plunger.

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

How To Open A Can With No Tools (Without wasting any food)

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener (Amazing) Rubbing the top of can on concrete until the seal is rubbed off then squeeze the can to open.