Photo and henna design by B.Bubble

Floral designs have become the trend in mehndi arts. Here are floral mehndi designs for hands that will add the beauty of the flowers to your pretty little hands!

Tatouage au henné .................. #GlobeTripper® | | "Home-made Hospitality"

I've always wanted to experience someone putting henna and then the ink on my skin and drawing their beautiful designs on my hands and feet!

Beautiful hand design

This monsoon shower, decorate your hands with aromatic, beautiful, and quirky Arabic mehndi designs. Whether it is a pre-wedding function or a festival being celebrated in your family with much fervor, wear mehndi in style.

henna.                         ~                             Again, I'd want this in regular ink!!! Love the design!!!

This site has artists' pics of many Simple Festival henna designs, mostly simple elegant feminine swirly designs for ankles or hands

Henna. Sudan and North African Fashion Tradition

Mehndi - traditionally applied to the hands of an Indian bride for her wedding ceremony. - So intricate !

henna henna

Mehndi is the art of applying henna ink too skin. The ink will set into the skin and the wearer will have a beautiful, temporary tattoo.