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This was for 1st class passengers.Called the Turkish Bath.For 1.00 you could go in the steam,hot,temperate or shampoo rooms.There were toilets and also a cooling room.Believe it or not these bed were heated using electric lamps which ofcourse was very modern at the time.

For the ultra rich you had your state sweets ect.You had double sinks,shower and bath and a private promenade deck.

A lot may not know that they also had elevators or called lifts with sofas in them for seating.This was available for 1st and also one for 2nd class passengers.

In spite of the damage to this photograph, still fascinating to see Titanic's passengers enjoying themselves, little knowing what was soon to come.


Titanic Rose's heaven dress




Belfast - Plaque Commemorating The Titanic


The "Real" Rose Calvert from Titanic



Titanic first class suite bedroom 'b60'

the A La Carte restaurant on B Deck, run as a concession by Italian-born chef Gaspare Gatti.

RMS Titanic Cabin Room

2nd class entrance.

luxuriously furnished smoking room, where men spent many social hours before going to their watery graves

Titanic elevator

2nd class?

Countess of Rothes, survived the Titanic disaster and even helped row one of the lifeboats!

Third class dinning room on the Titantic

Titanic’s rudder, there’s a man in the photo to show the scale of it.

Father Browne...Fr. Browne was an avid photographer, and took photographs during his brief time on the Titanic. It was apparently the only set of photographs taken on board the ill-fated ocean liner on that one segment of her maiden voyage..