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Fall Leaf Art Tutorial

To make Bay Leaf Trees all you need is: one large container of dried bay leaves (big box is $3 mol @ Sam's Club) Aleen’s Tacky Line Roll paper mache cones or poster board formed into cones. Start at bottom and overlap leaves, working around the tree. A little Epsom salt poured in a plate makes snow for the trees to stand in. These are rustic and smell nice, could leave them out all year.

simple table decorations

Christmas Centerpieces

Candles in flowerpots, winter greens

We used four different fall colors to make this beautiful marbled salt dough that made stunning leaf ornaments for our fall nature tree, and my twins (age 2.75) helped with every step!

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Christmas Table Centerpiece featured on!

Cute idea - A thankful tree for the month of November-each day add a leaf with something written on it that your child is thankful for!

A Simple Centerpiece for Your First Thanksgiving Here’s an easy DIY centerpiece idea for the first-time host that’s sure to impress dinner guests at your Thanksgiving table. You’ll need: a medium-size pumpkin, fresh bouquet of flowers, mason jar or small vase, safety knife and pumpkin scoop or spoon. 1. Carve the top off the pumpkin and scoop out the inside. 2. Place the jar or vase full of water inside the hollow pumpkin. 3. Arrange your bouquet in the container and enjoy!

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Christmas Centerpiece

Simple Leaf and Berry Wreath

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Pumpkin Centerpiece

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