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My Mom, Grandma and Aunts sat under one of these with curlers in their hair when I was little. I always loved watching them fix their hair.

Bubble Yum mint flavored non-stick bubble gum! Watermelon was my favorite!

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum ! I remember when this first came out. Bubblegum that lasted a long time and blew great bubbles.

Gold Rush bubble gum. I loved this stuff.

These gumball & jaw-breaker machines were common inside & outside grocery stores. I'm sure a few teeth were broken chewing the jaw-breakers!

There’s gum in them their hills! You get 2 ounces of real Gold Bubble Gum Nuggets in a little cloth miners bag. Do you remember this novelty candy in old fashioned Dime Stores?

Orange Juice bubble gum.... I fell asleep with a mouth full of this when i was a kid and woke up with gum all in my hair!

Bubs Daddy...flavor lasted 20 seconds. So I would go through it very quickly!!

The kind I use to get was in a squeeze tube from KB Toys but I can't find a picture of it anywhere!

Good Memories | Orange Juice Bubble Gum. Used to get this at the candy store on Nantucket :)