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    Dan Savage is the country’s most notorious anti-Christian bigot and Disney-ABC wants to create a sitcom based on his life! Call Bob Iger and tell him to #CancelSavage!

    You know it's true... Read More:

    ABC/Disney are working on a pilot sitcom based on the life of anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage. Please call ABC/Disney and insist the Cancel Savage. Please be polite! (855) 242-7422

    "Black Lives Matter" has become a rallying cry after Ferguson... the lives of black babies also matter.

    Don't count on the liberal media to remember Hillary's laundry list of scandals....

    George and Laura Bush were at the Selma march... but you wouldn't know it if you looked at the front page photo in the New York Times.

    Do you agree? ‪#‎BrianWilliams‬

    A "few days off" won't cut it. Brian Williams lied. Call NBC CEO Steve Burke and tell him Brian Williams has to go. (Be Polite) CALL NOW: (888) 317-2837

    Brian Williams falsely claimed he was shot down over Iraq in 2003. His lie is a slap in the face to all those who have served. Call NBC/Comcast and tell them Brian Williams has to go. (888) 317-2837

    A few hundreds #BlackLivesMatter protesters get big media coverage. A few hundred thousand pro-lifers.... not so much. Read More:

    We need to call out these attacks for what they are...

    Does President Obama deserve this low approval rating for military personnel? Leave a comment... Read More:

    Don't let LIBERALS in the media fool you...

    Show some love if you agree....

    It's the truth.

    The liberal media LOVE to attack the Koch brothers. But they're covering up the facts about this liberal billionaire! Click here to get the full picture:

    Republican Governor Nikki Haley was jokingly called a wh*re by her Democratic opponent. This is the real war on women. Do you agree?