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Yes!!!❤️ I know this is volleyball....but this exactly describes how I feel about basketball!!

got put into a varsity game for the first time in regular season, the first play im in the game, the serve comes right to me. im about to set this ball and it goes right through my hands and hits me right in the mouth. this was also the day i got my braces tightened.

volleyball quotes - Google Search...Soo true. NO ONE, (except us volleyball players) believes IT!

Yep & my FACA teammates know it's true! I mite be beautiful but I play volleyball 10x better then what I look like! (; Goin yo 2 of own teammates...hate me cuz i'm a better player. & can slam it on you...

No running?! I got in a huge fight with one of my friends just cause they said you don't have to be fast to play volleyball!!!

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19 Creative Ways People Have Satirized Anti-Gay Arguments

Maybe after our cruise, we won't feel this way anymore, @ellenjv :D

I cringe when people call it a spike! it is a HIT not a spike!! Damn.... I can't wait for the Olympics....