This is a cute idea. Have to be ready with the camera to capture the moment. Oh, and keep back-up balloons..just in case....

Oh my I have taken care of so many babies this would have been so genius for! To calm a baby that needs comfort, fill a glove w/beans, pearled barley, etc, give baby a few pats with it, then leave it on the baby's back and slip quietly away. I wish I had known about this during all those years of patting and patting and patting and patting...what a great idea!

Week by Week photos~~like some of the poses~~ I saved more photo ideas under my "Fun with Photos" board <~~note to self ~~ CRL #belly #pregnancy #maternity #babyontheway #wekkbyweek #photos #ideas #babydiary

silly string gender of the coolest ones I've seen yet!

love this for any occasion - giving a book instead of a card

Gender reveal pic. Never seen this before. Hope if we get a second child balloon it's blue...


Gender Reveal Party Balloon Box Vinyl Decal Decor. Want to do this but have some balloons weighted down!

Great idea zeggen dat je een zoon of dochter krijgt #zwangerschap

Baby gender reveal idea. I soooo want to do this!!

gender reveal paint photo shoot...too cute!

Cute announcement idea

Confetti Balloon Pop Gender Reveal Idea at

Una caja especial... Dentro están globos del color que anuncia el sexo del bebé: rosa si es niña, azul si es niño... Los padres no saben el color! / A special box... Inside are the balloons that will announce the sex of the baby: pink if it's a girl, blue if it's a boy... The parents don't know which yet!


gender reveal! Love this Idea! Get a picture of Joselyne holding the balloon to post on facebook or send to family and friends!

Such a cute idea!

What a great keepsake to have when you update every year!