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  • Robin B.

    Pretty calf

  • Veronika Marchina

    "Cows actually cry tears. And they're so terrified when they enter a slaughterhouse, assuming they can still walk (dairy cows are milked until they can't walk or move on their own) they have diarrhea. They're supposed to be stunned before being hung upside down and having their throats cut, but it doesn't always work. PLEASE go vegan. No creature should suffer like this."

  • Katie Moller

    Charolais calf!

  • Brooke Cooper

    Pretty Charolais baby! I miss mine so much! I wish I was home

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please have mercy on food animals. the only ones who claim we need their flesh to survive are the ones profiting from their bodies. vegan for life ♥

  • Amy Trunkey

    But they taste so good

  • Court Maddox

    But they are stubborn as heck as well.

  • Farm Chick

    I am a second-hand vegetarian. Cows eat grass, I eat cows.

  • Rachel Joy Bright

    Amen to that!!! I live on a beef farm and am very proud of providing meat for the world to eat!

  • Farm Chick

    I live on a beef farm also. I raise it, I kill it, I cook it, I eat it. They taste even more delicious when you put in all the effort to raise them from birth. People respect the fact that hamburgers are readily available, when they actually see where they come from. I LOVE COWS!!!

Id love a country home with cows n chickens. Rabbits and maybe a horse

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these are the sweetest faces Ever and so innocent!

pretty little calf! Check out www.agribestfeeds... to see how we can help you make your herd run at top efficiency!

Baby highland cow

Bessie, she is a little baby, she was a gift from Rory's mom. Since they live on a farm, they own a lot of other animals, but she is Rory's favorite.

Visited my neighbor's grandma's farm...what a trip, cows, haymow, root cellar, fresh milk

Heartbeats count

cows are highly emotional creatures who can identify over 100 other cows from their heard.

  • Rachel Levitz

    My cows feelings are more dominant than thinking traits, they are loved

Calf being killed. Very, very sad! Separated from their mothers right after birth, put in a steel cage - small, so they can't turn around. That beautiful & precious calf is the face of #veal.

A calf cries...Please go VEGAN #friendsnotfood

  • Callie King Ⓥ

    This is so so sad :( I wish people would stop turning away from it. It's a cruel world, no need for it, it's heartbreaking!