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"Cows actually cry tears. And they're so terrified when they enter a slaughterhouse, assuming they can still walk (dairy cows are milked until they can't walk or move on their own) they have diarrhea. They're supposed to be stunned before being hung upside down and having their throats cut, but it doesn't always work. PLEASE go vegan. No creature should suffer like this."

A dairy cow made the tough choice to hide one of her calves after giving birth to twins. As her fifth birth, the cow remembered her previous agony and knew that both of her babies would be taken away, unless she tried to save one. The intelligence and care displayed by this mothering cow is both heartbreaking and breathtaking. Read this touching tale about an amazing display of motherly love that proves animals love and feel.

This quote came from a worker at a slaughter house on calf slaughter: "To get done with them faster, we'd put eight or nine of them in the knocking box at a time... You start shooting, the calves are jumping, they're all piling up on top of each other. You don't know which ones got shot and which didn't... They're hung anyway, and down the line they go, wriggling and yelling"(to be slaughtered while fully conscious).

from Mail Online

How the little piggy who couldn't walk was saved from the chop

Newborn piglets learn to run to their mothers' voices, and mother pigs sing to their babies while nursing.

Samuel the Jersey Calf: The Hidden Face of Dairy (cheese, ice cream, cow's milk) OMG. This is so incredibly sad--and there are countless stories just like this. : (

Entire life for the mouthful of flesh?! Animal slavery, murder and dismemberment amputates kind from the humankind. Meat consumer sponsors the river of blood, tears and excrement flowing through the slaughterhouse. Without a shred of mercy. While countless cruel free alternatives exist. Time to stop the animal Holocaust.

Yep... I'm on my way! I've been weaning myself from meat, but to become a vegetarian. Yet, now I understand just exactly why people are vegans. I just read an article on the cruelty of dairy cows and I no longer can picture myself eating dairy. I'm pondering a lot now!

FACT: Mother cows on dairy farms have been known to frantically call for their babies after calves have been taken away & sold to veal or beef farms.

Because she would break her neck to protect her child and we would kill them both anyway - and that breaks my heart. A downed cow with a broken neck is left to suffer at a Texas stockyard. Her neck was broken when she was forcibly separated from her calf in the marketing process. -- Farm Sanctuary

why #vegan ~ one of the worst cruelties is the separation of mother cow from her calf. The breaking of this natural, strong maternal bond is traumatic to both cow and calf and should be reason enough for all compassionate people to reject dairy products.

Forsaken calf, screaming of pain and asking for help with no response, he's just a baby and he's tortured until he's killed. He is all alone...

Animals know what's happening to them at a slaughterhouse. "They cry like babies" says one slaughterhouse worker.