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"Cows actually cry tears. And they're so terrified when they enter a slaughterhouse, assuming they can still walk (dairy cows are milked until they can't walk or move on their own) they have diarrhea. They're supposed to be stunned before being hung upside down and having their throats cut, but it doesn't always work. PLEASE go vegan. No creature should suffer like this."

from BuzzFeed

After Sneaking It Into Her House, This Little Girl Cuddles With Her Baby Cow And It's Adorable

Luckily for little Miss Brennan, once her mom saw the love between cow and girl, it was impossible to be mad.

“Sometimes they have all the skin out and they’re all peeled. You can tell they’re alive because sometimes when you look at their eyes, you can see the tears of a cow. And their eyes are moving and everything. But mainly they just make a lot of noise and are trying to kick.” “When I see a live animal, I can’t stop the line. Because the supervisor has told us that you have to work on a cow that’s alive.” - affidavit of slaughterhouse worker

Apparently cows have no boundaries when it comes to their young and when all the cows are out in the field feeding, they appoint one cow to serve as "babysitter" for all the calves. This very important job rotates daily from one mom to another! I love cows; we could learn from these beautiful creatures!