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"Cows actually cry tears. And they're so terrified when they enter a slaughterhouse, assuming they can still walk (dairy cows are milked until they can't walk or move on their own) they have diarrhea. They're supposed to be stunned before being hung upside down and having their throats cut, but it doesn't always work. PLEASE go vegan. No creature should suffer like this."


A baby highland cow

Highland calf

The Pioneer Womanfrom The Pioneer Woman

New Life

the Pioneer Woman's newborn calf "Gumdrop"

Twitterfrom Twitter

Farm365 Ⓥ on

don't drink cow's milk unless your mother is a big fat cow; cow's milk is for calves; get weaned go #vegan

Apparently cows have no boundaries when it comes to their young and when all the cows are out in the field feeding, they appoint one cow to serve as "babysitter" for all the calves. This very important job rotates daily from one mom to another! I love cows; we could learn from these beautiful creatures!