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"Cows actually cry tears. And they're so terrified when they enter a slaughterhouse, assuming they can still walk (dairy cows are milked until they can't walk or move on their own) they have diarrhea. They're supposed to be stunned before being hung upside down and having their throats cut, but it doesn't always work. PLEASE go vegan. No creature should suffer like this."

cows calf cry

saying goodbye, before the slaughter....so sad!

Fluffy calf

Samuel the Jersey Calf: The Hidden Face of Dairy (cheese, ice cream, cow's milk) OMG. This is so incredibly sad--and there are countless stories just like this. : (


This quote came from a worker at a slaughter house on calf slaughter: "To get done with them faster, we'd put eight or nine of them in the knocking box at a time... You start shooting, the calves are jumping, they're all piling up on top of each other. You don't know which ones got shot and which didn't... They're hung anyway, and down the line they go, wriggling and yelling"(to be slaughtered while fully conscious).

Beaten cow. Bloody head. Displaced, swollen-shut eye. Suffering on a factory farm. Here's your milk...or maybe your dinner...

go vegan

Hell on Earth. Are we not all God's creatures? Where is our compassion for the suffering of animals?

Baby dairy cow!! Who knew baby cows were this cute??

Because she would break her neck to protect her child and we would kill them both anyway - and that breaks my heart. A downed cow with a broken neck is left to suffer at a Texas stockyard. Her neck was broken when she was forcibly separated from her calf in the marketing process. -- Farm Sanctuary


Munich: This is the moving moment a grieving herd of elephants said their goodbyes to a little calf who tragically died of a serious heart defect. Baby Lola was due to be the world’s first elephant to have heart surgery to remove a blood clot.

An innocent life being taken, because he is just a byproduct to the dairy industry. If you eat anything dairy then you are supporting these acts


I never really thought of a cow as being especially cute, but...

Vegan thoughts

FACT: Mother cows on dairy farms have been known to frantically call for their babies after calves have been taken away & sold to veal or beef farms.

This calf was born on a truck transporting cows to the slaughterhouse.He fell off the truck and was rescued by the traffic police.Meanwhile,his mother was killed.Hundreds of thousands of pregnant cows are sent to slaughter each year.At the slaughterhouse the calves experience their mother's death from inside her.They can be seen kicking fighting inside the womb as the mother has her throat slit,her legs cut off her skin pulled off.Some calves are cut out from their dead mother’s womb

her fear and suffering break my heart