bucket list

Learn how to play the cello

Bucket list Got piano down, now I need to learn to play guitar.

Took 4 years of Spanish in high school. I remember some of it but not all. That should count for something lol

a dream!


Your Bucket List.

I started to teach myself until my piano and I had to part ways.. I will get it baack soon:)


Learn to play the ukulele.

before i die..


Learn fluent French

this is going to be fun

Need To Do!


To do; I wish my mother was the kind to be able to teach me beauty tricks. I never learned and feel so awkward around beautifully primped women.

always wanted to!


not a PLACE i want to go... but definitely something i want to do. i think this is something i will begin 2012 with. :)

Oh my, this must be the greatest experience you can have, it must be so beautiful!