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25 Handmade Christmas Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Ding...♪ Dong...♫ Ding...♪ Dong...♫ .Christmas is without a doubt my FAVORITE Holiday. As a child I remember waiting month after month to smell the fresh “truchas” { Canary Islands’ Christmas Dessert } made in my mom’s...

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Best 25 Handmade Christmas Ideas These are gorgeous!

Best 25 Handmade Christmas Ideas These are gorgeous!

These recipes look awesome - pinning it so I'll have them when I have time to actually do some of this. Should be a tasty Christmas! :o)

Elmo cupcakes!!! For the ones who still have little ones!!!

Think slice and bake in the refrigerated section. I admit I am NOT a baker so break and bake is good for me. I can make them look pretty though

Reindeer cookies for Christmas. So cute and simple

paula chammas - christmas - christmas cake - gift box & rudolph cake

How cute would this be for a little kid scavenger hunt? Instead of placing candy canes in the envelopes, put in a little clue for the kids to follow. At each stage put an identical envelope with a new clue, and the last stage can be a couple small gifts wrapped in the same scrapbook paper.

Cut felt circles and pin to cone. Use pins with colored ball tips so it looks like it was decorated :)

Simply Klassic Home: Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Reindeer