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From photo-booth props and Rob Ford refrigerator magnets to kale-scented candles and rubber unicorn heads, Outer Layer aims to surprise and entertain. #etsy #cityguide #toronto

15 Amy Poehler Quotes from 'Yes Please' That Prove She's Our Brilliant Fairy Godmother | Bustle

From her favorite 'SNL' host to how she juggles work and parenthood, here are some choice tidbits from Amy Poehler's book 'Yes Please.'

There's no greater gift than rescuing a pet in need. Rescue your new best friend today! #purinabeyond #comissioned Downloadable background via bri emery / designlovefest

Growing up - Imgur

A Sweet Celebration of Connection and Inner Softness in a Culture That Encourages Hard Individualism and Prickly Exteriors | Brain Pickings


Your Daily Dose of D'awws (Part 2) - Imgur


Tibetan terrier



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So true.

You are my new favorite feeling... Not so new but still my favorite. :) ❤

jonathan carroll

jonathan carroll

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