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Sometimes I want to re start the argument just so I can say what I think I need to.

That face you make hate is a strong word but yeah theres some folks out there working my nerves in this be the face. more funny pics on facebook:

It's not true though. My love IS unconditional, asshole or no. I may stop seeking you out if you hurt me too much but I still love you.

OMG. Seriously accurate. Between this and hovering like a spacecraft, Imma ninja up in that piece. {124 Funny Pics}

The morning is a success if I make it to lunch without eating my lunch.

I remember that one time when I had Christmas lights on my car and was pulled over. He was jealous kuz I had all kinds o' colors flashing!

That's totally me! and it gives u a couple mins to think "screw my alarm i am going to lay back down for a couple mins"

This Happens Every Time When I Watch the AFHV.