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Himalayan range, Nepal (Matthieu Ricard)

Himalayan foothills, Nepal (Matthieu Ricard)

The hidden Namo Buddha Temple, about 40 km from Kathmandu

Swayambhunath stupa flanked by two snow lions, with a giant gilded vajra above a mandala worked in a drum-shaped base

No wonder it's called the Emerald Isle. This aerial view of Irish fields looks like a green patchwork quilt..

Bagan Temples in the morning mist, Myanmar (by FO Travel)

How did people in the past achieve such monumental art masterpiece? Ngyen Khag Taktsang Monastery, Vietnam

Mount Everest, Nepal / China Border As the largest mountain anywhere in the world, the Mount Everest mountain of the Himalaya range is included in this list primarily for its sheer size. Located on the border of Nepal and China and standing at a massive 29,029 feet tall, a natural object that tall is nothing other than beautiful.

In a few years, I hope to stay in this town with my grandma. To discover the green hills, the highest mountains on earth and the beautiful culture and people op Nepal. The city Pokhara is the place my grandparents stay for a few years. From this town there is a beautiful view to the Himalaya and especially the Annapurna mountain. I'm looking forwards to those days!

Beachy Head, East Sussex. Photo by Rhy Davies. "Most visitors left for the day when the sea mist bgan to roll in. Those that stayed were treated to a truly magical sight as the breeze dropped and the mist settled below cliff-top level"

Crow flying over the Himalayas (Matthieu Ricard)