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somewhere in Melbourne - I have always had this thing about Ganesh, and this is both soulful and respectfully done graffiti for the great Ganesh


Painted Elephant. First off its my favorite animal.. Second it's my favorite thing.. Art. And there you have it's BEAUTY.

beautiful henna / mehndi - pakistani / indian wedding

No matter what problems we are facing, there’s always room for happiness in our lives. - Sam Bern

Go Anthro! Gay men featured on their wedding site!

*gasp* Vintage mary janes


God Bless America!!!

Lucille Ball and daughter Lucie at their home, 1952

most men just stand next to their date and hold their hand or something...and then theres Will Smith.

9 Sexiest Men Shirtless!! Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Cam Gigandet, Taylor Lautner, Ryan Reynolds, Kellan Lutz, Ian Somerhalder, Bradley Cooper

I can't look directly at him, just like the sun.


James McAvoy. Delish.


Zac Efron

Ian Somerhalder

Depp. Johnny Depp. ellsparsons

Love this!


Kristin Chenoweth

♥ Viola Davis

Emma Watson