True Blood Rolling Stone cover featuring a very special sandwich. (I like the bread best.)

When he dropped this line. | The 36 Best Eric Northman Moments From "True Blood"

Adam Levine.

Some of the most accurate portrayals of True Blood characters I have ever seen.

True Blood

True Blood

My favorite Hollywood couple!

Neville Longbottom. Win.

Damon and Elena website! Sexy sexy sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT!

True Blood = True Love

omg...alexander skarsgard..where the fuck have you been all my life~!

Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - Grey's Anatomy - one of my fav tv shows. Miss watching it with @Lindsey Carson2 dons293

Godric from TrueBlood. Thank you, to whomever put the tattoos on Allan Hyde. We are much in your debt! ^_^

I... I am going to jus...t leave this here.

True Blood. YES YES YES

True Blood


True Blood

True Blood Love. True Blood Love. True Blood Love.