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I have open door policy and everyone knows that yet we seem to be the only ones that never get invited, never get texts or calls.. I'm always the one to reach out

I have never hated anyone and never will, but sometimes you can let people take advantage of you and the one person who you thought you knew, well turns out you don't...

from Unveiled Wife

Beyond Ordinary By Justin & Trisha Davis - Book Review

very true, but one has to be sure to measure forgiveness because some things you just can't undo...

1 of the most valuable lessons my mom ever taught me, and I hope I never forget. Nothing wrong with fighting 4 each other, but why remain if something truly no longer makes you happy--it is a disservice to both parties. I will carry these words with me--though some may find it pessimistic, I find it hopeful. No one expects/plans that they will lose love, we hope we never will, but this reminds us that if you do, it is not the end. You will find it again if you allow yourself to move on.

-i don't want to hear I'm fine!! <3 Your panicky girlfriend will always make sure you are ok. No matter what. Even when you don't want to tell me, I'll still bug you until I know you are doing okay. :)

It is a choice to love even when you aren't feeling it. It is hard work sometimes but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Too many people give up too soon. However I am a realist and know there are times when that isn't an option especially when physical abuse is involved,

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