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DIY sugar hair removal...I'm up for it :)

DIY Sugaring Hair Removal Centuries ago in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and her handmaidens discovered a secret beauty treatment that magically and painlessly got rid of unwanted hair…and this recipe was lost for years until recently discovered.

This really works! I was really surprised.

Get rid of blackheads in 15 minutes with a natural mask ! 1 tsp gelatin tsp milk Mix to form paste Microwave and apply immediately

L'épilation au sucre commence à devenir une valeur sûre ! Pour en savoir plus sur cette technique, venez découvrir nos conseils dans cet article !

Connaissez-vous le sugaring, l'épilation au sucre ?

Facial hair problems create shyness and make one conscious about their looks. Here we discuss some common methods on how to remove facial hair. Read on to know

15 Secret To Remove Acne Scars Naturally

Even if it doesn't remove hair, sounds like a delicious body scrub

Makeup, Style & Beauty

Makeup, Style & Beauty

DIY Lip Scrub... VERY HELPFUL they can exfoliate your lips while keeping them soft and ready to pucker up be very happy with this lip scrub.

From Your Kitchen… DIY Lip Scrub! (It’s Perfect For Winter)gotta love smooth soft lips

Line To Change Your Eye Shape

the way you apply eyeliner can really change the shape of your eyes. Very true for any eye shape. Play around until you get the best style for your eyes.

Genious homemade wax that you can wash off with hot water!

Make Hair Removal Wax at Home

There are tons of people out there that are always looking for quick little tricks to improve their health, and because of that I am posting

25 Quick And Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

We have rounded up some creative and useful life health hacks that you can start trying now. I love Life Hacks!

diy peppermint lipbalm

DIY Peppermint Lip Balm- perfect for winter! You could also change up the type of oil for different flavors

12 DIY ways for clear skin!


12 DIY ways for clear skin! 12 DIY ways for clear skin! 12 DIY ways for clear skin!

Underarm Whitening Scrub: Make a paste with 1 tsp. of coconut oil and 1 tsp. of baking soda. Scrub gently for a few minutes, then leave it on for 5-10 minutes before washing off.

Underarm Whitening Scrub-Get softer, smoother and whiter underarms with a natural scrub. Mix baking soda with coconut oil and scrub under your arms, baking soda gently exfoliates the skin removing any dark or rough patches making it softer and smoother.

DIY Body Wrap... lose up to 1-2 inches a night! Maybe I will try it

DIY Body Wrap - Lose up to 1 inch over night

DIY Body Wrap on I Heart Nap Time … lose up to inches overnight! DIY Body Wrap on I Heart Nap Time … lose up to inches overnight!

Pretty cool diy

Clean and white teeth add a lot of attractiveness to your smile. If you are thinking of teeth whitening, here are some proven DIY homemade teeth whitening