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Squats? I thought you said let's do shots...because I'm too busy partying to make it to the gym today. Add some attitude to your workout with this hilarious tank from Activate Apparel. Forget those squats and take your shot(s) today.

I can't understand you. I don't speak assholian.

"The Phantom of the Opera" - Hahaha!!!

i dont have road rage, i just lack patience for idiot drivers that want to drive slower than me and hang out in front of my car....!!


If a perforated cracker doesn't break on the goddamned line, you'll just break through the entire box until you get a perfectly uniform cracker.

Olivia Kendall Parody

A purebread yorkie! #funnydogs


Why not a slotted soon, or feathers.


who couldn't?

truer words were never spoken

Maybe I Will...: Shakeology Cleanse and T25 Review

Funny Tumblr Posts #HarryPotter

You're not Jim.

I think this all the time

nope nope nope

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It's all good with coffee

So true