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Newspapers these days

Darth Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones, among others, but never Liam Neeson. This pin is still cool, but it's ruined by that fact. #StarWars #LiamNeeson #DarthVader

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Human vision vs. cat vision

My reaction when my family starts b*tching about family members immediately after we leave the Christmas party Find Funny things to Pin here: http://bit.ly/JBN9zs

Nice girl problems. The reason my friend's 8-year-old little brother is convinced I am his girlfriend. Evidently he's going to pop the question quite soon.

An apple a day...

What was really going through the queens head.... #funny pictures #comics #hehe #funny photo

The Amazing Spider-Man - FAVORITE Andrew Garfield/Peter Parker/Spider-Man picture! <3

Math & Physics

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"Making social networks a better place" to my best ennemy who thinks she's really awesome. No you're not. At all.

France is bacon