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Sorry Mary. Sherlock called dibs a long time ago.<--- he called dibs! well u gotta honor the bro code

Why are they so gay for each other. It's adorable. But actually, I totally ship MollyxSherlock

Day 6: Favourite Johnlock Doodle- Not a big Johnlock shipper, love the bromance more, but this pic is super cute. Look at Little Sherlock's face as he holds onto baby John!

after Reichenbach... I think is my favorite Johnlock art piece. The lines are so clean and the sentiment is so pure.

This is probably one of my most favourite illustrations I've ever seen for johnlock Awhh ^_^

Pinning here cause johnlock, but wondering if i should also pin on my korea board. Hangul everywhere!

Two-People-Who-Love-Each-Other-johnlock-28488240-388-700.png (388×700)

Sherlock: "I need to get some air, we're going out tonight." John: "Actually, I've uh, got a date." Sherlock: "What?" John: "It's where two people who like each other go out and have fun." Sherlock: "That's what I was suggesting."

;) johnlock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!