mulberry tree

Raised Beds inside the look of this!!! And the Dogs would stay out of the flowers when they are running!

Pink Weeping Cherry Tree

Upright Ornamental Pear Trees. Pyrus calleryana 'Capital'

Modern Australia Garden Contemporary Landscape Design

Mulberry tree

pear tree hedge

Arizona Ash Tree - Natural Organic Home Garden Health Howard Garrett Dirt Doctor

This is how I need to do my side yard, with a Meyer lemon and a Honey Crips apple tree.

Hammock stand

Free Standing Garden Porch made of recycled materials....

espaliered fruit trees

bougainvillea - maybe not indoors, but this would do well on the patio

Use these helpful landscaping ideas to make your front yard a beautiful display:

Idea for sprucing up chain link fence in back yard.

Love the steps, the tree, the plants. Would be a nice way to make a back porch instead of a deck.

American Redbud from Stark Bro's

Great idea for a stump in the yard. This actually works great. I have done this with Hostas, successfully....

Snow Pear Trees Lovely contrast of foliage against dark branches