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    Mulberry Tree - Awesome

    Climbing roses

    climbing hydrangea....I love!!!!

    fruit trees

    Espalier - awesome design and functional - just got an idea for the fruit trees I have no room for :)

    Espalier apple tree. I'd love to espalier a fruit tree, or magnolia grandiflora against the eastern wall of the house

    Mulberry tree

    our mulberry tree..let me tell how delicious mulberries it has..

    Espaliering Fruit Trees creates a beautiful garden screen to enclose an outdoor room or shield neighbors' prying eyes.

    Espalier pear tree

    Bananas!! Banana #12: PRAYING HANDS Nature's unique creation, a stalk of Praying Hands Banana. Musa spp. Family Musaceae Vendor's display, Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando, Florida, USA.

    lemon trees in my backyard please

    Snow Pear Trees Lovely contrast of foliage against dark branches

    in the garden

    Anyone know what kind of tree those are? I have a suspicion they're photoshopped to be purple. . .

    I love the way Japanese Magnolias bloom before anything else - and with no leaves out yet!