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Life in First Grade: phonics... lots of good phonics lessons
H Brothers anchor chart after our word sorting mini-lesson. I wrote the words a head of time on flash cards and then let the kiddos sound out the words and glue them on the chart according to which digraph the word had. Now, this anchor chart lives in our word work center so that the kiddos can practice reading and making H Brother words.
Some words sound the same but are actually spelled very differently! They are called homophones, and here is a short list of some really common ones.
Our Readers Workshop Contract (anchor chart.)  This site also has lots of sample anchor charts for reading and writing
Free Blacklines for a word sort - More Vowel Team, vowel pairs, vowel digraphs
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Some colleagues and I visited an amazing school today in Salem, Oregon: Myers Elementary.  They have been integrating their ELD instruction ...
Reading Strategies, but don't use 'Stretchy Snake' etc