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Round Up: 5 Fantastic TV Makeovers

Back in 1977 a Sylvania 25" color console TV would set you back a whopping $530. Adjust for inflation, that would cost us $1,840 today*. Ouch. Next time you see an old console TV, keep that in mind and then think of these makeovers. Cool blue and a center shelf make this makeover irresistible. Nasty...
  • Dawn Barrier

    Awesome idea! Before and After: From Console TV to Console Table

  • Lori Stoneking Grady

    Fantastic salvage! Old TV console, TV removed and a little paint and a shelf and you have yourself a new cabinet.

  • Trish Anna

    Turn an old console TV into a handsome console table - i love this look!!! (and I am so jealous of anyone who finds these old TVs!) - #upcycle #repurpose #furniture #DIY tå√

  • martinik reitz

    console tv repurpose | Repurpose an old tv cabinet into a great console cupboard/ tv stand.

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Next time i see one of these at the thrift store, it's coming home with me!

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DIY Dresser to TV Console My result: Great way to repurpose some otherwise-useless furniture. Our's cost a total of about $70, most of which went toward spray paint. We needed 6 cans, but only because we were covering that cheap pressboard covered with paper stuff... This would be cool for some furniture found at a thrift shop or something

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Ok scratch my plan to have a desk and a tv stand separate in the bedroom...time to bust out the red hutch in storage and modify it to be a desk and I'll throw my tv on top of it. put a higher board in it at desk height and then a pull out one directly under it for more work space. shelves above it for books and whatever else. @Sally Sobert

Upcycling, Downcycling, Recycling - What's the Difference?

retro bar *we just bought an old tv that had been converted with glass shelves & mirrors on the sides & back! Maybe we should refinish it with these colors?

BHG - Salvage a Media Cart To turn an old castoff into a charming bedside table, start by removing the casters and replacing them with new wooden furniture feet. Prime and paint the cart. Remove the doors and decoupage the fronts with decorative paper. Cut a new back for the cart from 1-inch plywood and decoupage it with coordinating paper. Add new knobs to the doors and reinstall.