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ahahhaTemporary Tattoo if you go to a theme park, zoo, etc...

This is the BEST idea! Temporary Tattoo if you go to a theme park, zoo, etc. This is the BEST idea! Temporary Tattoo if you go to a theme park, zoo, etc.

another pinner said...totally legit! I just ordered a bunch! Wholesale Walt Disney DVDS. Where has this website been?!  I've always wanted to own disney movies, but I'm too cheap :P

Another pinner said: "Totally legit! I just ordered a bunch of wholesale Walt Disney DVDs! Where has this website been? I've always wanted to own Disney movies, but I'm too cheap :P"

21 very creative consequences... I wouldn't try all of these, but some of them are AWESOME!

21 Creative Consequences

21 creative consequences for disobedient children. When you have a strong-willed child these are the tips you crave! There's no disobedient children, just out of control situations.

8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters, sooo super sweet, can't wait to apply these later down the road :)

21 Creative Consequences

Mom/son dates. Dates and ideas of how to talk/teach your boys to become real men.

For kids to put in pockets in big crowds. Iphone app to track them if you get separated. Also uses GPS to track your keys, phone, dog, etc. Genius!

BiKN locater for iPhone tracks RF-tagged objects around the house (hands-on and pictures)

GPS device - put in your kids pocket in big crowds, Iphone app tracks them if you get separated. Also uses GPS to track your keys, phone, dog, etc.

10 Brilliant Ideas To Motivate Your Children To Do Chores:  #7 – Chore Dice  (These chore dice are a genius idea! Little ones will love the game of chance that comes along with rolling the dice!)

10 Brilliant Ideas To Motivate Your Children To Do Chores

DIY- Chore Dice~ Let the kids make Chore blocks for themselves. Cute idea to motivate them to do their chores.

Raising Kids Who Get Along from Mama Smiles. Dealing with fighting siblings is one of my biggest challenges right now. How do you deal with it??

No More Sibling Rivalry! Successful Parenting Secrets.

Tips for encouraging strong sibling relationships. A sibling is the longest relationship we have in life. Foster a strong connection.

Sheer genius.  I am going to have to hang onto this idea!!!

If you think parenting is tough, these tips are just the thing for you. These amazing tricks and tips will make your parenting life a lot easier and even fun.

Seuss book end-of-school-year tradition for your child's graduation.one day Oh the Places You'll Go At the end of each year of school, have child's teacher write a note in the book and sign it. Give the book to the child when he graduates.

Chore list . . . eventually.

Clipboard Chore Chart - This is a great idea. Clipboards for chores right in plain sight. They get a "bonus buck" for completing the tasks without being asked. I've been looking for a good chore chart idea and I just found it!

free printable: dinnertime dry erase doodle placemats, an attempt to entertain the kids while you make dinner :)

Dinnertime Doodle Mats (SSG Idea #16

Wipe-off Dinnertime Doodle Placemats - this one each kid sits down and draws out their day while you cook dinner. Then it gives everyone something to talk about while you eat! (Other doodle mat ideas on post.

My kids need these for our trip to Michigan!

Lego Travel Box Use an old Baby Wipes container, hot glue or super glue a large Lego piece to the inside of the lid .and you have a perfect Lego Travel Box

A Simple Yet Genius Way to Keep Track of Giving Kids Medicine- now daddy doesn't have to call mommy to find out if baby got meds

Ever wonder if your child has already been given her medicine? In this case, it was twice/day for 10 days. Just an idea - use a sharpie & mark it right on the bottle! :) or ever wonder if you have taken the medicine yet, my life.

fun developmental activities

These activities for preschoolers are so much fun! This list includes fun learning games, crafts & resources for 3 year olds, 4 year olds, and 5 year olds!

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DIY faucet extender for bathroom sink out of a lotion or shampoo bottle to make hand washing for kids easier